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You Are Not Your Mother

Jun 1, 2021

Michelle Risser, a counselor specializing in perinatal mental health and a coach who works with moms who are therapists at, sits down to talk with me about burnout. 

We discuss:

05:03 What made her decide to go beyond counseling to add coaching to her repetoire

07:58 The special challenges for working moms in the past pandemic year

09:42 How a breast cancer diagnosis was her wake up call

13:53 How mindfulness changed her life for the better

18:36 Easy tips to add mindfulness to your own life

25:59 Michelle's epiphany about the "put your own oxygen mask on first" advice

29:31 The differences between stress, chronic stress, and burnout

I also talk a little about the DSM diagnosis of adjustment disorder and how knowing about it might make it easier for someone to reach out to a therapist

Learn more about Michelle at her counseling site here: and her coaching site here: