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You Are Not Your Mother

Apr 30, 2021

I had a great time talking to Deidre A. Prewitt MS LPCC of about the ways that our relationship with our parents helps shape our relationship with our partners and why it's so important to set boundaries with our families of origin. Deidre had a lot of great things to say including:

@5:52 How to know when your "couple bubble" is being violated and what to do about it

@10:28 The difference between guilt and shame and what it has to say about the way we're functioning

@13:54 Why you need to think about the legacy you're building in your relationship with your partner

@16:18 The importance of finding a "guider couple" to inspire growth in your partnership

@23:24 On setting boundaries with your inlaws (even if your partner doesn't want to)

@30:45 Why it can be so hard to let go of parenting our grown kids

@42:57 What you NEED to know if you decide to use your insurance for couples' therapy

Learn more about Deirdre and her group practice at her web site